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Romano Martegani Shoes offer High Quality at a Good Price

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In the world of fine Italian shoes, Romano Martegani shoes are regarded as being near the upper part, close under handmade shoes like Lattanzi or the partially handmade models from Santoni, but nearby in line to e Testoni Black Label or Ferragamo Tramezza lines. But if you compare dress shoes in general, the low priced Romano Martegani shoes would place around the level of Crockett & Jones Regular Line (maybe higher, but somewhere between Crockett & Jones Regular Regular and Handgrade lines), whereas Romano Martegani slightly pricier models (like those hand-finished in the United States) would rank slightly above the Crockett & Jones Handgrades. That would mean Romano Martegani is below only JLobb RTW and Edward Green (and Gaziano & Girling) concerning British shoe makers, and Romano Martegani Shoes should be regarded, IMHO, as besting American Alden shoemakers and is easily superior to Allen-Edmonds.

Most fine Italian shoe wearers I know seem to love their Romano Martegani’s. They are still crafted in Italy and have a good number or diverse models, ranging from classic to fancy Italianate, and Romano Martegani certainly specializes in the high end fancier shoes. Martegani shoes are sturdily made, most by the Blake/Rapid process– producing a tough, sturdy, and long-lasting shoe that can be repaired or resoled when necessary. You can buy Romano Marteganis in a good number of leather colors and finishes, I particularly love the alligator print. Be sure to check that you buy a pair with closed-channel soles for durability.

Of course, if you are not an Italian shoe conisuer, then it is unlikely that you will be drawn to Romano Martegani’s shoes. But if you are interested in having a fancier, flashier shoe that draws attention rather than just existing then Martegani shoes should suit you well. I would have to say that Romano Martegani shoes offer the most bang for your buck, and you will get a lot more shoe for you dollar than you would buying many of the higher priced shoes.

And don’t forget that if you require something alittle unique or outside of his current offerings, Romano Martegani is know to do custom models and fittings! It is possible to order your own features and most anything you can dream up. There aren’t alot of other shoemakers besides Romano Martegani at this price point that will offer made to order shoes, so definitely take advantage of this offer.

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The Romano Martegani Trento-A Derby

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Maybe a pair of the most sexy Alligator Shoes available, take one step in these Romano Martegani Trento-A Derby and you’ll understand the real meaning of the word luxury. Created from quality alligator skin for an exotic texture pattern, these shoes feature a classic cut with fully adjustable laces, breathable leather lining, and a cornered smooth leather outsole. I would consider this my favorite pair, and they really turn heads.

Romano Martegani Trento-A Derby available at Endless $1999.95

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Romano Martegani Aldo Monkstrap Customer Review

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These shoes are amazing! They look great and fit perfectly. They took very little getting used to and were comfortable straight out of the box. The finish on these shoes is what you would expect from high end shoes, absolutely flawless.
I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a pair of very well-made shoes that combine traditional craftmanship with a contemporary look.

Romano Martegani Aldo Monkstrap, available at $495

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The Romano Martegani Best Sellers

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Info on Romano Martegani Shoes

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Stay tuned for more information on Romano Martegani Shoes.

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